Dear New Band Parent

Dear New Band Parent,


I see you.  


You are excited for your child’s new experience–learning to play an instrument.  You are grateful for their opportunity, an opportunity you may not have necessarily had.  You appreciate the measures of care and thoughtfulness the school band director took in order to understand your child’s personality and interests in selecting an instrument of their own.  The curiosity of the shiny new instrument and dreams of sharing musical accomplishments with friends is shared by the entire family.


The instrument comes home for the first time.


The loud squawks and squeaks cannot possibly be considered music.  Encouraging your child to practice their instrument at home seems near impossible.  No one wants to endure the sounds of the beginner band student even if they do find the time and motivation to pull the instrument out at home.  Oops they dropped the instrument, oops they forgot the instrument at school, oops they forgot the instrument at home, oops where’s the music, oops there’s another rehearsal.  How is this supposed to lead to progress? Please tell me it gets better.


Time passes and the instrument is still there.


Years pass by and the squawks have calmed.  The instrument has become a part of your child’s life and identity.  Friends find time to chat and be together during school through being in band together.  Band trips are fun excuses to miss school here and there. College approaches and band provides easy inspiration for application essays and examples of dedication for scholarships.


Your child is no longer a child.


College has begun.  Your child has received scholarship money toward music studies.  They become serious about exploring music as a profession–composer, performer, educator, mentor, administrator, community connector.  The possibilities are endless as long as creativity persists.


The future is up to you.


It can be difficult to incorporate instrumental music into the delicately spun fabric of your family dynamic.  But it is SO worth it. By encouraging your child through the noises they create early on, you are helping your child make friends, find a new sense of self-confidence and independence, develop connections to core academic subjects, hone their fine and gross motor skills, and maybe just maybe you are planting the seeds for a lifelong journey of music.


Dear New Band Parent,


I see you.  


You’ve got this.