My name is Kristina and I serve children, families, schools, organizations, and communities by providing customized music educational experiences.  I’ve found that most budding musicians are passionate about the subject but struggle in knowing how music learning creates a lasting impact on their lives. I teach lessons, classes, and workshops that support  personal goal identification and local opportunity exploration to set the foundation for lifelong music curiosity and learning.

When did I know I wanted to pursue a career in music?  

Looking back, there have been a handful of impressionable musical moments along the way.  But my first memory of musical accomplishment happened at age 8. I was given a recorder and the accompanying Beauty and the Beast Song Book.  Using the “instructions” in the front of the book, I stumbled my way through holding and playing the instrument. Of course, I knew how all the songs should sound and that also helped.  I became obsessed with “Mob Song,” focusing on finger dexterity and increasing speed, kind of like H. L. Clarke’s Second Study for Trumpet. At first clunky and slow but with practice fast and smooth, the noticeable improvements made with time and focus left a lasting impression on me.  To this day, I am still fascinated with the process of practice.

What is one unique fact about me?  

Before pursuing a professional career in music, I considered a path in marine science.  In fact, I worked at an aquarium for ten years before moving to Philadelphia to study music.  My job at the aquarium focused on working with a variety of wild animals, all with different behavioral tendencies, and a large portion of my job also consisted of speaking to people about the animals.  I shared my training and knowledge about the animals via lecture, assemblies, and group tours. Teaching about nature similar to teaching music, always seems to capture the type of wonder and joy that transcends people from all walks of life.

As a music educator, freelance French horn performer, and parent, I get it.  Learning how to play an instrument is not just about learning the notes. Every child deserves the confidence and toolkit of self expression that evolves over the course of weekly music study.  

Let’s start the conversation.  Let’s work together. Contact me.