Music Lesson Programs

Music lessons can open a whole new world of confidence, communication, and expression in a child.  Whether a beginner or a more advanced player, my role is to help your child reach their fullest potential on their instrument.  In my lessons, I focus my teaching on each child’s unique interests to help them achieve their personal and school music program goals.  My lessons are grouped in 4 month programs to help your child develop the consistency and focus needed to reach their fullest musical potential.

Symphony Program  

12, 60 minute lessons

Have you been playing your instrument for a year or more?  Are you looking for a new way to think about your instrumental music study?  Are you wondering what comes next after learning how to read music? Do you love to play but get really nervous when it comes time to perform?  How does music relate to other subjects you learn in school?

If you are interested in getting to the bottom of these topics, then the Symphony Program is for you!  During this program you will simultaneously work on furthering your instrumental technique while discovering how music fits into the big picture.  Through a combination of approaches, we will build on your playing skills and uncover additional strengths and interests within the realm of music.  

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Prelude Program

12, 30 minute lessons

New to playing an instrument?  Want to get ahead before playing an instrument in your school program?  Need help with reading rhythms and notes? Not sure how to practice yet?  Looking for a great beginning to learning the basics of your instrument? New to my lesson studio?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Prelude Program is for you!  Throughout this program we will delve into all things basics: posture, technique, note identification, rhythm reading, and so much more so you can perform your best and have fun at the same time!  Using a variety of repertoire, exercises, and games–custom-tailored to the interests and needs of the individual student–we will set and achieve goals that will give your child the confidence to discover their own musical voice.  

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