Horn Alive! Concert Series


Around the World

Through the lens of one composer and without leaving the comfort of your chair, discover musical flair from across the globe.  

Vitaly Buyanovsky “Traveling Impressions”


One composer–American and still living.  Another composer–German and from a different time.  Juxtaposed together these pieces offer comparison of personal reflection.

Douglas Hill “Reflections”/Bernhard Krol “Laudatio”

Challenge Accepted

There is no denying the depth of the standard repertoire for the French horn.  However, every once in a while the instrument borrows from other instruments and genres to make a statement.

J.S. Bach “Cello Suite”/ Lowell Shaw “Just Desserts”

Mozart’s Horn

Everyone has heard of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a staple in the Classical music world.  Mozart worked at a fervent pace during his lifetime, composing nearly 600 works. This program takes a look at Mozart’s life through a horn-specific lens.  

W.A. Mozart “Horn Concerto”

Each program runs approximately 45 minutes in length

$200 per program